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Online shop operates on highest quality level possible, unfortunately even this does not 100% protect users from the fraud. Fraud is typical for any online market places and Hydra is no exception here. In order to avoid “swindle” follow the procedures: • before you register, use only genuine login and password, which you have not used before on other services; • use only full length letter and digits password, which is hard to pick via program character selection; • before purchase study reviews about supplier and products offered; • confirm purchase only after product quality check; • leave a comment after successful (or unsuccessful) purchase, so that other users may consider if they want to purchase anything from this particular supplier; • do not store large amounts on your e-wallet and top it up only when necessary. If you will follow these simple procedures, your Hydra experience will be safer! Also, make sure that you register on actual Hydra web-site. Recently there are a lot of fake web-sites with same nomenclature. For example: not "hydra2web", but a "hidra2web" or "hydra2wed". If looking on URL briefly, you hardly notice difference, while you've been redirected to absolutely different web-site! There is another problem that authorities have blocked web-site Hydra Onion and it no longer can be accessed via conventional methods. Many internet users wonder how can one access Hydra? Below we will list actual, 100% reliable tips to bypass these blocks. Bypass options. Currently there are four ways to bypass block. Single time gateway, Tor browser private infrastructure, combination of Tor browser and VPN and SSH protocol. Each of them must be examined closely. Single time gateway. You can access Hydra with the dedicated channel which will be terminated as soon as you close the connection. Such a gateway you can activate on your PC and other portable gadgets. In this case you do not “flash” your personal data and information goes through the chain of proxy servers. Tor browser private infrastructure. Tor browser with its private network of “onions” is not only familiar to darknet veterans, but also to usual internet surfers. With Tor you can access plenty of “restricted” web-sites and anonymously receive and send data without showing your actual IP address. Tor is essential for every Hydra user. Even if public nods of Tor’s onions are unavailable to you, you can always establish private connection and access Hydra in no time! Due to multiple redirections and server swaps connection may take up to 10-15 minutes, but eventually you will access needed content! VPN + Tor. It is a common knowledge that VPN (virtual private network) allows you to create network connections on top of the other network to “cover your tracks” online. Combined with Tor you will get maximum anonymity and tracking you online become impossible. It may affect your connection speed but in return you will get top security! SSH protocol. SSH protocol is used for every online services nowadays, starting from e-mail providers and even large server data storages. Setting up and administration of SSH protocol is a very intricate process, but in our case it is all for your safety benefits. Using such a protocol when you access Hydra you can ensure anonymity and easily “get lost” among thousands of users. If you are looking to access Hydra this information has great value to you. Because all of those 4 methods are verified and out of authority’s grasp. You can use those ways with minimum risk and directly from our web-site! The most popular, convenient and reliable way to access Hydra is Tor network.